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One of the best Crypto Currencies in Africa
A Multi Utility Crypto Currency Platform

Kenicoin is a crypto currency that is backed by real businesses. Many innovative platforms are being developed which will have Kenicoin as the only exclusive medium of exchange and transactions.

We are coming up with highly disruptive ventures in the Retail, Fintech, Entertainment Industry and many more which will be Utilitiy Platforms of Kenicoin. Kenicoin will be very high in demand over the next few years and will emerge to become a one of the most valued digital assets across globle. People who have bought Kenicoins will presumably be rewarded with an extremely high ROI over the next few years.

We are thankful to our Investors Community for believing in our coin and our platform


An innovative crypto currency based banking platform

KeniCoin is the Next Generation Banking Platform for the people in Kenya and Africa. KeniCoin will have wide acceptance because of its highly attractive features which are as follows:

  • Facilitates cashless transactions with great speed of execution.
  • Technologically Advanced and Secured way of payments to different vendors for all services and products.
  • High Return on Investment for the people buying KeniCoins due to its short supply and prospective higher demand in various business utilities.
  • A better and flexible option for Small savings compared to the banks since it allows to save very marginal amount and provided interest for the savings.


Today, market volatility is a known phenomenon. However, on the flip side, for those who display a decent amount of patience, it certainly presents opportunity and potential to generate future returns as well.

Like a cherry on the cake, KeniCoin has already planned to roll out an innovative tool that would not only help you all save but also get you rewarded substantially.

Keeping our investors' interest at the heart of the business, the innovative model has been crafted based on the key investment aspects such as Affordability, Timing the trade or the market appropriately and Flexibility.

Why KeniCoin


KeniCoin is the only crypto-currency that is backed up by real businesses. It a currency entirely owned by a group of companies which enables it to remain reliable and predictable in the market.

Transaction Fee

Transacting with KeniCoin is FREE of charge which makes this currency one of the best currency to transact with.


KeniCoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world to be released into the market with a group of businesses ready to transact using the cryptocurrency exclusively. This will go a long way into ensuring that KeniCoin remain in constant demand and with its limited amount in the market, the value of the KeniCoin must keep assuming upward trajectory as demand continue to soar.


Like all other cryptocurrencies, KeniCoin is neither restricted to any particular jurisdiction nor regulated by any particular central bank and therefore free of any government interferences and regulations. This makes peer-2-peer transactions across the borders be carried out seamlessly without interferences from any third party easily and instantly.

Inflation Ceiling

All KeniCoin holders are cautioned against inflation which is normally caused by a high appetite by the governments to continue printing fiat money. In our case, only 10 million KeniCoin’s will be released to the market during ICO, the rest of the KeniCoins will be released gradually into the system through mining once KeniCoin hits six figure digit value. The last coins of KeniCoins are expected to be released by the end of year 2050. Considering the number of affiliate companies that will be in constant consumption of the limited KeniCoins in the market, we believe the demand for KeniCoins will always be higher than the supply and therefore the upward trajectory of the KeniCoins value is definitely guaranteed.


A good number of businesses have been set up with one objective in mind; consuming KeniCoin exclusively. With their huge discount of up to 40% off for those transacting in KeniCoin, we are very positive that, the number of KeniCoins we are releasing into the market are not enough to run these supportive businesses payment system. This shortage of the KeniCoins and the ever increasing demand of the same on the other side, will definitely lead to the skyrocketing of the value of KeniCoins by the day. We are very sure that, within the first 12 month after ICO, the value of KeniCoin will have increased at least 30 folds, which is around 3000%. This truth alone makes everyone want to be involved in procuring KeniCoins. In fact, we anticipate a shortage of KeniCoins at the 2nd phase of Crowd sale of our Tokens.


KeniCoin is an Ethereum based ERC20 Token which is highly secured and is a globally accepted standard. All transactions performed using KeniCoin are broadcasted on the Ethereum Blockchain and are mined by the Ethereum Community.


The total global crypto currency market cap had crossed

Start your journey by investing in KeniCoin to be a part of this global revolution

How it works?


Register on with your personal details and a valid email address. Verify your account from the registered email address.

Deposit Funds

You can transfer money in Ksh/USD through mpesa and Paypal to the company’s account.
Alternately, Deposit Funds in BTC Wallet Address provided by the

Buy/Trade Kenicoins

Once, you have the balance reflected in your account, you can buy KNCs in the exchange platform from the sellers in the exchange.

Lock Kenicoins for Regular Income

After, buying KNCs on the kenicoin exchange platform if you lock those coins for 36 months, you are entitled to receive 10% interest on a monthly basis in the form of KNCs which we you can trade with buyers on the exchange platform. To Lock KNCs, you must have them transferred to your Kenicoin Wallet in the website where you can find a Lock Coins options.


April 2018

KeniCoin Launch

KeniCoin Platform Development

June 2018

KeniCoin Pre ICO

KeniCoin Website Launching

July 2018

KeniCoin ICO

KeniCoin Website Re-Launching

KeniCoin Web Wallet

August 2018

KeniCoin Savings Platform Live

September 2018

KeniCoin Exchange Live

KeniCoin will be traded on KeniCoin Exchange

November 2018

KeniCoin Sports Betting Platform Live

November 2019

KeniCoin accepted for a numerous business services as a payment

100000 Merchants associated with KeniCoin


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  • Benefits of KeniCoins to Investors & coin holders.

    KeniCoin platform allows you to grow your wealth up to x12 every year. Look at our KeniCoin growth projection for 2018/2019 period. Every visionary business person and entrepreneur is investing big in KeniCoins looking forward to reaping bountifully within a period of few months. KeniCoin holders unlike other cryptocurrency holders, enjoy huge discounts in specific affiliate companies of up to 40% making shopping for them an awesome exercise to look forward to. KeniCoin stores your wealth out of the reach of inflation. Economic volatilities being experienced across the world cannot be able to devalue your wealth as it happens with fiat money. On the contrary, your wealth continues to soar amidst all this financial turbulence with not even minimum impact on your wealth. Insulate your wealth from financial turmoil’s by storing your wealth in KeniCoin currency today. KeniCoin has also simplified the processes of transacting with your peers from any part of the world, you can now order and pay seamlessly within minutes from another person in a different continent without losing a coin in the process of executing that particular payment.

  • What can I buy with KeniCoin?

    With KeniCoin, you can buy all products offered by our Companies using KeniCoin.

  • How to benefit as a KeniCoin distributor (KeniCoin Agent)?

    Register with us first as KeniCoin Agent.

    Receive your KeniCoin sales Agent ID

    Receive 20% of all your total sales. (20% of all purchases bearing your Agent ID) on Friday of every week during the entire ICO period.

  • KeniCoin token discounts to take advantage of:

    Currently, M-pesa and Bank Slip are the best suited to aid in purchase of KeniCoin.

  • Which payment platforms can I use to buy KeniCoins?

    Currently, M-pesa and Bank Slip are the best suited to aid in purchase of KeniCoin.

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